Photography Workshop (Street)

Location: Hong Kong Central
Date/Time: Sunday July 22nd, 2018 – 4:00PM ~ 6:00PM
Duration: 2 Hours
Languages: English


We will start this workshop with general talk about photography and the aesthetic aspects to create a good photograph, like framing, lighting, composition, in addition to how to find your subject/good scene through practice. (30 minutes).

Then we will go for a practicing tour, to take pictures (90 minutes).

After we finish the class I will collect all the pictures taken by the students so we can discuss them on Whatsapp group / Facebook group, and the best ones will be put in a gallery on the internet along with the students’ names and personal pictures.


This workshop covers all important information about photography. Plus learning through practice, as it’s the best way to improve your photography skills.


Please make sure that your camera is charged & has a memory card with free space. For film shooters, check out your film is loaded properly and bring one or two more extra rolls, if possible.


Smoking and alcohol are not allowed.
Language: English

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