Life of a Photographer

A life of a photographer is complicated. Full of ups and downs. The mind is blocked running out of ideas or it gets stuck in one idea and is trying to get out of it, solving equations, facing fears, improving the way seeing everything and the way perceiving facts. Life will change, people will come and go, different seasons, different places, different moments of happiness and pain. And the photographer is on track following whatever it takes him forward to the unknown, maybe to a happy story or a dark one. It’s a mystery. It’s hard and unstable, but the love of adventure is worth it. Once the journey starts it will never end. It’s a ticket to a high speed train. The trees and poles move very quick outside but inside the cabin has no budge. The time could be stopped at any moment of enjoyment like a kid in a playground is taken to a dreamy world with one rule is to play and enjoy. The time stops at this moment and it’s back when his Mom calls for lunch.

… Like a kid needs love and care. A little shout can hurt. When the sun is up and the sky is clear it’s happiness, wants to play, laugh and enjoy the moment. Seeing happiness all around in tiny details. At night it’s dark with evil grin shows up. Looking for an adventure. Wants to do something exciting, to channel all fears and tension into courage and enthusiasm. Then the day ends, Time to bed, to sleep, to dream…

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