Be a Part of Photo Assignment(s)

I’m looking for people to be a part of my current photo-assignments for editorial, fine-art and commercial projects. The difference between the three types is the use of the resulted pictures. For editorial use: the pictures can be published online or in a printed medium for non-commercial purposes . Fine-art use: the pictures are used in an artistic form, like galleries, exhibitions, or printed fine-art publications. For commercial use: the pictures are allowed to be used in ads, commercials, or promotional prints.

If you would like to be a part of any of the following photo-assignments, please feel free to write me via email or whatsapp.

Photo assignments that are currently open for participation:

1) Important People (Non-commercial use)

It’s about important people. I will start by photographing you, then I ask you to recommend someone important to you, one name you really believe they are important. And I photograph them.

2) My House (Non-commercial use)

It’s about your place or a place that has a meaning for you. Indoor or outdoor.

3) Interesting story (Non-commercial use)

If you have an interesting story happened to you, or your life itself is interesting, just drop me a few lines about it.

4) Fashion (for VOGUE) (Non-commercial use)

I submit 6~8 pictures to Italian VOGUE every week. If you you think you have something good that’s fashionable, like posing, styling (clothing/accessory), interesting makeup/hair, decoration or something artistic and creative. Send me your idea.

5) Portrait (Commercial use)

Portrait photo-shoot.



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